What happens if I don’t like my results?

We don’t use any permanent filler, all of the products we use are semi-permanent and are broken down by the body over 6-12 months.

What are the risks if I have dermal fillers?

There are very few risks with dermal fillers, as these are semi-permanent and are administered by highly trained Aesthetic Nurses who will carry out the consultation, deliver your treatment and manage your follow up care. Redness, swelling and/or brusing are the common side effects you may encounter,  In extremely rare cases if we need to reverse the results of a filler we can use injections to counteract the effect and reverse the process.

What happens if my treatment goes wrong?

If we need to reverse the results of filler we can use injections to counteract the effect and reverse the process.

What are the fillers made of?

They are made of hyaluronic acid (complex suger) which is found to be naturally occurring in the body, and have a natural hydrating and/or volumising effect. They are broken down in the body over time in the same way that your body’s natural hyaluronic acid is depleted in the ageing process.

How do I know if they are safe?

We only use internationally recognised suppliers who rigorously test our products and undergo clinical testing. They are also approved by the TGA. Our clinical staff are trained to administer aesthetic injections. Our Nurses & Doctors are registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency.

I don’t want a “trout pout”...?

The infamous trout pout was a result of an old permanent filler technology and not from human derivation such as hyaluronic acid based fillers.  We only use anything TGA approved here at Reverse & Refine.

How do I know Toxin is safe?

Toxin has been used for over 20 years within the medical profession to treat afflictions such as Bells Palsy, facial tics and to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment when administered by well trained, highly qualified medical practitioners such as Nurses and Doctors.  Botulinum Toxin should only be administered following an in depth consultation to determine what the client would like to achieve and the effect possible.  Toxin treatments should only ever be administered by Registered Nurse or Doctor.

How do I ensure I get a natural look?

A full, in depth consultation is undertaken before your treatment is prescribed and administered.  Complete written records are kept of the objective of the treatment, the desired outcome and the treatment undertaken.  These objectives will be continually reviewed at follow up appointments which are encouraged between 2 and 4 weeks after treatment.

Will I be able to see the same Nurse or Doctor each time?

Yes...continuity of care is a key part of our service. We want to ensure our clients have the ability to develop a relationship with their medical practitioner. Our Nurse and Doctor here at Reverse and Refine are fully covered by our Medical Insurance and work within strict guidelines in a highly regulated and safe environment.


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